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пятница, 29 июня 2012 г.

Хуй, говно и муравей. Английский перевод.

Вот что бывает с людьми в последний день перед отпуском:

The pricke, the shit and the ant

(The russian ethno punck song)

The shit is coming out from ass.
Then it see the ant running below.
The ant was bringing the culm,
Without the filing of risk.

The shit is yelling to ant:
Hey, friend! Drop your culm for the cunt!
Escape, little dud, or you will
Be borrowed behind stinky hill!

The ant was frozen of the fear.
He dropped his culm on a ground.
He thought: «This is my fucking death!
There are no fuck, who can rescue me, around!”

But then one high-spirited prick
Jump out from nearest shrubs.
It’s flying like a bullet in ass,
And it’s jaming the shit into hall.

The ant picked up his long culm.
And cry out: «What is fucked luck!?»
And he runs to his home in ant-heap….

author: Alexandr Laertsky
translator: Nathaniel Frost )))

Я паэт, нах....